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Frequently Asked Questions


  Q. My roof is only small, am I still able to get an attic ladder installed?
  A. We can do all sized attics, some small attics are still able to fit quite a few large boxes or plastic crates.
  Q. Do you make custom ladders?
  A. Yes, we make ladders for all ceiling heights, unusual spaces and service residential and commercial buildings.
  Q. How long does an attic ladder take to install?
  A. The time varies per job.  Please call us for a free measure and quote and we can let you know the time frame.
  Q. Why should I have a bigger hatch?
  A. We recommend having an extra long or wide hatch so you can put large items into your roof space. 
  Q. Is it safe to put flooring over down lights?
  A. We install air vents in the flooring over all down lights to prevent them overheating and possibly catching on fire.
  Q. Are your attic ladders Australian made?
  A. Our ladders are made in our factory in Melbourne.  We use quality products sourced in Australia. We support local businesses.
  Q. Do you have branches in other states of Australia?
  A. Sorry, at this stage we only service Victoria, however we are looking to expand in the future.
  Q. I live in a block of flats on the top storey, am I able to get roof storage?
  A. This depends on a range of issues and requires body corporate approval.  Please call us to discuss your options.
  Q. Which attic ladder is better? Aluminium or Timber?
  A. We recommend aluminium for strength and long time durability. 
  Q. What room finish do you recommend?
  A. It depends on what you plan to use the roof space for. Please call us to discuss your options.



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